At Rovell, we are accutely aware of the damage that mankind as a whole is inflicting on the environment.

Our environmental activities include:

  • Actively supporting the local conservation groups who are looking for alternatives to save unique environmentally sensitive and ecologically important watershed and old-growth areas in the Ottawa area.
  • Installation on our home-office of 8.6 Kw of Solar Generating Capacity feeding the Ottawa Hydro Grid. Since installation in mid December 2011, this facility has generated over 80 million kilowatt-hours of clean renewable energy - representing about 56 tons of carbon offset or the equivalent of 1600 trees!
  • Particpating in forums and discussions on energy alternatives, in imagineering, and in actions for sustainibility worldwide.
  • Writing, publishing, training, and speaking on enviromental issues and corporate social responsibility

Contact Details

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Email: info@rovell.com
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