Dr. Bob Abell is the author of a non-fiction published in 2012 called Salvaging Capitalism – Saving Democracy, a short dystopian literary fiction called The Corporation, and two New Adult novels Trails, and a sequel, Fireballs. Click on the images below to learn more about each book.


Dr. Bob and Rovell Enterprises have a long history in publishing.

In the late 1970's, as Director, Computing Sevices for Athabasca University, Bob set up and managed a text-processing/full-page phototypesetting operation. This was established well in advance of widepspread adoption of such technologies.

In 1981, Bob was instrumental in starting the Alphatel group of companies in Edmonton, which grew to include Alphatel Systems, Alphatel Videotext Directories, and Alphatel Computer Products. One Alphatel company specialized in publishing services, creating products ranging from coffee table books (One Came Late, by Phillip Allen 1992) to product directories for a local plumbing supplies wholesaler.

With a Ph.D. in science education, Bob has a keen interest in the history of science, in ethical science, in education, health, business, politics, and government. His technical writings include a 278-page Doctoral thesis published in 1983 and quoted in professional literature as recently as 2006, an article published with A.R. Hakstian in Psychometrica December 1974 widely quoted and referred to as a "seminal work" and recently as a "classic study" (in 2012 by JS Fleming), through to training consulting reports for Land Force Western Battle School (1992-94). From 1995 until recently, his primary focus has been publishing e-learning. In 2015-16, he added screen-writing to the mix, preparing the content of "The Corporation" for Feature Film production as Corporate Prey)

Bob is a former member of the Canadian Author's Association and was publisher of the CAA-National Capital Region quarterly e-magazine, Byline from July 2013 until March 2016.

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