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Rovell Enterprises Ltd. is a privately held corporation headquartered in Kanata, Ontario. Rovell has been involved in multimedia, media product development, publishing, consulting, and training since 1981. In cooperation with a number of large multinational organizations, Rovell developed the Learnsoft product line, available from Automated Learning Corporation, a partly-owned subsidiary of Rovell Enterprises. ALC products are used by aerospace, defense, telecommunications, healthcare and government organizations around the world.

filler imageDr. Bob Abell is a business owner, a teacher, and an environmentalist. He has published over 35 technical papers or reports, served on an ANSI standards committee, has been published in Psychometrica, Education Media International, College Canada, and U.S. tech, and has given numerous invited presentations, including in Mexico City; Biarritz, France; San Jose, Chicago, Banff, Toronto, and South Korea. He authored two chapters of The Telidon Book (1981), and since 2012 has published one non-fiction in the area of business, politics, and economy, together with three novels, one of which was recently re-written as a screenplay.

filler imageEvelyn Abell is a business owner, teacher, humanist, and networker. With a B.Ed. major in English and minor in ESL, she spent 13 years in teaching before becoming full time involved with Rovell and its subsidiaries in 1985. In addition to editing and publishing, she is primarily responsible for maintaining sales channels and customer relations. Recently she assisted with the editing of a series of seven historical-fiction novels and two pre-teen books by local authors, in addition to her editing work with Automated Learning Corporation and Bob's writings.

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