A Huge Thank You

Thanks to the following who are supporting our movie efforts:

Pinewood Orchards

Pinewood Orchards

Thanks to Pinewood Orchards for use of their fields for filming.


Skydive Gan

Skydive Gan

Thanks to Skydive Gan for use of their plane, airstrip, and hanger for filming.


Swords & Ploughshares Museum

Swords & Ploughshares Museum

Thanks to Swords and Ploughshares museum for use of military vehicles for filming, military advice, and for arranging reinactors as extras for the film.


Beet Box

Beet Box

Thanks to Beet Box Organic Farm for use of their land for filming.


Villa Lucia Supper Club

Villa Lucia Supper Club

Thanks to Villa Lucia Supper Club for use of their dining room to provide a beautiful filming location for a romantic dinner scene!


Luna Cafe

Luna Cafe

Thanks to Luna Crepes & Cafe for allowing us use of their incredible local cafe as a filming location.


Carp Airport

Carp Airport

Thanks to The Carp Airport for allowing us to film on their airstrip.


Brookstreet Hotel

Brookstreet Hotel

Thanks to The Brookstreet Hotel for assistance with locations for filming.


My Sister's Closet

My Sister's Closet

Thanks to My Sister's Closet for providing their store as a filming location.


Mark & Ellen Watson

Mark and Ellen Watson allowed the team free reign to film in their expansive acreage that perfectly mirrors New England ambience.

Stephanie Cote

Thank you to Stephanie Cote for assistance with costumes.

Bianca Howell and Keller Williams Ottawa Realty

Howell Homes Ottawa

Thanks to Bianca Howell and Keller Williams Ottawa Realty for use of a real estate sign and lockbox.


KRP Properties

KRP Properties

Thanks to KRP Properties for providing "... more than just space"! The level of flexibility and cooperation together with a wide variety of visually interesting shooting locations will make a tremendous contribution to our ultimate success.


Chris and Sharon Grainger

Thank you to Chris and Sharon Grainger for use of their beautiful waterfront home as a set for several of our scenes.

Mark and Sharon Hawkin

Thank you to Mark and Sharon Hawkin for use of their stunning waterfront home and driveway as a set for the film.

Don Shal Productions

Don Shal Productions

Thank you to Don Shal Productions for their assistance with Toronto casting.


Dymon Storage

Dymon Storage

Thanks to Dymon Storage for providing locations for filming. We appreciate the continued support from local businesses in the creation of this film.


Cartier Place Suite Hotel

Cartier Place Suite Hotel

Thank you so much to Cartier Place Suite Hotel for assisting with locations for filming as well as contributing perks for our funding campaigns. We look forward to enjoying a glass of bubbly in the penthouse suite with select cast, crew, and special guests.


East Coast Limos

East Coast Limos

We are delighted to have the support of award winning East Coast Limos for the filming and also for our funding campaigns. Thanks Keith and Louise for your enthusiasm and support!


Deanna Wright Photography

Deanna Wright Photography

Deanna's professional work is available as a perk for nature lovers in our funding campaigns. In addition, Deanna is part of the team as Still Photographer and Production Designer on set.


Swami Beyondananda
aka ... Steve Bhaerman

Swami Beyondananda

Steve has generously provided audio downloads as perk for our funding campaigns.

Wake Up Laughing

"We seek to move forward what we call an "up-wising" - waking up and wising up to our true human potential, and engaging millions to participate in the greatest adventure in human history: Conscious evolution-fessional development"


Bronwyn Rodrigues of One Percent Realty Ltd.

Bronwyn Rodrigues - One Percent Realty Ltd.

Thanks to Bronwyn of One Percent Realty Ltd. for her help with locations and props, as well as with our campaign videos.


Thank You To Our Individual Contributors

John Robbins

Randi Botnick

Clare Rosenfield

Dr. Michael White


Kathy & Al Belanger

Pallas Athena

Donna DuBreuil

Peter Levick


Leslie Farrington-Klotz



Rosemary Mason

Judith Makin

François Juneau

Larry Coté

Mark Watson

J. Wright

And several Anonymous donors

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